Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Western Shoshone youth ready to run across America -- again!

PUYALLUP INDIAN NATION, Wash. -- Carl "Bad Bear" Sampson, Western Shoshone, walked and ran across America in 2008, on the Longest Walk northern route. Tonight, Bad Bear was on the Puyallup Indian Nation, and joined a Puyallup canoe family for a family dinner. Bad Bear and Chris Francisco, Navajo from Shiprock, N.M., and route coordinator, were at the Puyallup Tribe Kwawachee Center. They are preparing for the Longest Walk northern route for diabetes. The walk is to raise awareness of diabetes and encourage healthy eating and living. The walkers and runners will leave Portland, Ore., in two weeks, running through Idaho, Montana and the Dakotas, on their way to DC., where they will meet the southern route. Photo 1: Carl Bad Bear Sampson by Marie Littlemoon. Photo 2: Bad Bear and Ellyn photo by Chris Francisco. Photo 3: Puyallup canoe family by Chris Francisco.
More info:
Please consider sharing a pot of hot soup or coffee, or maybe some hot Indian tea, when the walkers and runners pass through the cold north. They'll also be needing places to sleep at night. They'll be sharing their stories with you:
Northern Route: Chris Francisco, (503) 515-6239 indigenouswalkabout@yahoo.com

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