Monday, February 7, 2011

Blackfire: Navajo Band for Mother Earth

Blackfire: Navajo Punk Rock Moshing for Mother Earth

By Take Part

(Excerpt) We had the privilege of getting to know and to highlight Blackfire, which is a Navajo (DinĂ©) tradition-influenced, high-energy, politically driven musical group composed of three siblings: two brothers and a sister. Their style comprises traditional Native American, Punk-Rock and “Alter-Native” with strong sociopolitical messages about government oppression, relocation of indigenous people, genocide, domestic violence, and human rights.

Blackfire decided to take up arms with music to spread awareness about their community's need for justice, respect and drastic change. Corporate-run media, a/k/a “mainstream media,” doesn't like to tell these types of stories, which potentially could effect an advertiser’s bottom-line or go against the status quo.

As you will see in the webisode, Blackfire are incredibly active and engaged citizens who taught us so much about our personal relationship to nature, respect for mankind, and how our ancestors deeply cared about what generations following them inherited.

What will the state of our planet be when our grandchildren inherit it?

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