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American Indian Music Celebrated During Grammy Awards Week

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Photos by Red Nation: (1)Noah and Joanelle, (2) Joanelle Romero, Sage and Cherly Houston (3) Sage (4) Joanelle Romero, Montano Rain and Noah Watts (5) Montana Rain and Noah Watts (6) Baker Twins, Noah Watts, Montano Rain, Tim Gilmore
Native musicians remember and celebrate the lives of Paul Getty III and Solomon Burke
LOS ANGELES – The 13th annual Red Nation Celebration Pre-Grammy Concert Series, Red is Green Carpet Gala, was filled with a night of Native Rock, Pop, Indian Country Blues, British Punk Rock, Rock and Hip-Hop.
On The Rox at The Roxy Theatre in Hollywood on the Sunset Strip hosted the Red Nation Celebration Pre-Grammy Concert Series on February 8th. The masters of ceremony were the fabulous Baker Twins from Stellat'en First Nation reservation in northern British Columbia.
Native actors, industry professionals and community activists were in attendance. The event was produced by Red Nation Records and Red Nation Recording Group.
Producers Banes Leanne Hanley and Gabrielle Christopher of Michael Rymer's Australian film Face to Face was winner at this years 26th annual Santa Barbara International Film Festival. They had this is say, "SAGE makes (Pink) look pastel." ROMERO and her band were described as an “hypnotic ride through blues," and added, "Native American soul goes straight to the heart."
Jeff Cahill, talent booker of On The Rox said, "There was so much talent on stage, they gave it everything they had," adding that he likes Romero’s style. He often books SAGE and added, “SAGE is a Super-Star."
Sixteen-year-old MONTANO RAIN on drums in Romero’s band was the youngest artist that night to perform. "The talent of this young man was extraordinary, to be able to play at that level professionally and perform the blues with depth of an old soul was an experience not to be missed,” said industry hairstylist Cheryl Houston, mother of Nikki Reed Twilight Saga.
“NOAH WATTS is the next lead blues guitar of this decade and beyond. Watts has his own distinction and sound, one can say he is Stevie Ray Van and Jimi Hendrix of this generation” said one Red Nation Board member. “I was also impressed with the SHAUNA and SHANON BAKER (Baker Twins), their beauty and relaxed poised nature made for a beautiful evening filled with cultural musical voices so needed in the music scene today."
“QUESE IMC, heart & soul was a shining light great poetry of words,” according to actors/models Shauna and Shannon Baker.
This year’s Red Nation’s Featured Artists included:
SAGE (Apache/Cheyenne/Lakota) – Award-winning actress/singer/songwriter/ musician. Star of Steven Steinberg’s INTO the WEST and ABC/Hallmark DREAMKEEPER
JOANELLE ROMERO (Apache/Cheyenne) - Discovered by Legendary LEONARD COHEN, toured on SARAH MCLACHLAN, Lilith Fair Tour, award-winning musician, singer, songwriter/actor/director/producer/entrepreneur-star of George Harrison's critically acclaimed cult-classic POW WOW HIGHWAY.
NOAH WATTS (Crow/Blackfeet) – Musician/lead guitar/songwriter/actor. Watts starred in SKIN WALKERS, SKINS, CSI MIAMI, hit series SONS OF ANARCHY, YOUNG and the RESTLESS, Search for the Worlds Best Indian Taco, written and directed by Steve Judd.
QUESE IMC (Pawnee and Seminole) – Quese calls his sound Native Hip Hop. Quese has been able to bridge both his world of Indigenous Culture and todays modern society as we know it in America. Quese has opened for artists Snoop Dogg, Ludacris, Tyrese, Gnarls Barkley, Clipse, Petey Pablo, Grandmaster Flash, The Pharcyde, Hieroglyphics, Atmosphere, Visionaries and Kumbia Kings, to name a few.
MONTANO RAIN (Apache/Cheyenne) Musician, environmentalist, drummer and actor. Featured as young NEO in MARTIX RELOADED.
Native Grammy Nominees (Invited).
The concert producer said that everyone in attendance was invited to become a member of The National American Indian & Indigenous Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences, Inc., the first academy to address American Indian & Indigenous recording artists. “Its time for this Recording Academy and we are all very excited about what will happen for American Indian recording artists and up and coming performers in our communities within the music industry."
Also that evening, the new programs launched were “Native Music Matters (NMM)” and “Native Women in Recovery in the Arts."
For more information and membership dues for The National American Indian & Indigenous Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences, Inc: or contact Nadine Aragon @ 818.854.6078.

Red Nation Celebration's Concert Series (RNCCS) The Authentic Voice of American Indian & Indigenous Music, is an annual concert series, held since the 1998 Grammy Awards week in Los Angeles. (The exception was in 2003 when RNCCS became an official Grammy event held in New York City.) It presents contemporary and traditional American Indian and Indigenous music; keeping native sound at the forefront of the most important weeks of music industry.
Red Nation Celebration was established out of a direct need. RNC has its roots in Santa Fe, New Mexico, produced during the famous Indian Market (1995 to 1997.) RNC pioneered the music movement during Indian Market. In 1995 there wasn’t any contemporary American Indian music being performed. In 1998, Red Nation moved to Los Angeles to be produced during the most important weeks of the music industry, Grammy Awards Week. In 2003, Red Nation Celebration's Concert Series became an Official Grammy Event and went on to become Red Nation Celebration’s Signature Event.
Red Nation’s success is a revolution and presentation of Native music from all over Indian Country. Red Nation was recognized as a groundbreaking concept and became a widely publicized event of national stature. Red Nation has successfully featured American Indian recording artists, Grammy winners and nominees, and has been a launching pad for numerous American Indian musicians who have been signed to labels since performing at Red Nation’s concerts over the last 16 years.
This year’s sponsors: RR Graphics, Color Images. Thank you to KPFK and On The Rox.
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