Friday, December 10, 2010

Closing Session UN Climate Change Conference

Bolivia and allies strive to protect Mother Earth and humanity, while the majority of countries speak with the voice of sellouts

Webcam of closing session of UN Conference on Climate Change COP 16:
Photo: Bolivian Ambassador Pablo Salon/Photo copyright Ben Powless, Mohawk
By Brenda Norrell Censored News

CANCUN -- Bolivian Ambassador Pablo Salon addressed the UN conference tonight. Salon began by saying he was denied the floor earlier, and has repeatedly endured harassment from security in order to enter the sessions, even though he is clearly the official negotiator for Bolivia.
Salon said Bolivia is not prepared to sign the existing document which will increase deaths from global warming. He said the current document does not ensure the continuation of the Kyoto Protocol.
Venezuela's negotiator Claudia Salerno supported Bolivia and urged the delegates not to give up.
The Cuban negotiator praised the efforts of Bolivian President Evo Morales. He said Indigenous Peoples have made it known that there must be a balance between humans and nature. Further, he said non-governmental organizations and social movements should play a role in the final document, and it should be submitted to the people.
"We are talking about the survival of the human race."
He said Bolivia speaks on behalf of the human race and deserves recognition.
He pointed out that the document now before the conference allows for an increase in global warming and does not ensure the continuation of the Kyoto Protocol.
The negotiator from Ecuador described the floods and disasters that have resulted in millions of refugees. He also pointed out that the Constitution of Ecuador recognizes the Rights of Mother Earth. He pressed for greater efforts to halt the increase in greenhouse gases.
"We must demand more from ourselves," he said, voicing support for the efforts of Bolivia.
Although Bolivia and its allies spoke out for the ultimate protection of Mother Earth and humanity, the majority of the countries tonight wasted too much time praising one another, congratulating one another, and wandering around.
Too many countries ignored the threat of an increase in global warming in the current document, and focused instead on giving dollars to poor countries so polluting countries could continue to pollute.
The majority of countries spoke with the voice of sellouts. They are like kidnap victims who come to love their kidnappers.
Meanwhile, the COP President said that this is an informal session and the negotiators still must go to the working groups and then to the plenary tonight, Friday night, at the final session.
Echoing the comments of other countries, the negotiator from Zambia said the current document is not perfect, but is a building block, to be carried forward to the next UN climate negotiations in Durban, South Africa in 2011.
The official working groups of COP16 began meeting at midnight on Friday night, to be followed by the plenary session and closure of COP16.
President Evo Morales was given a mandate by the people, the Peoples Agreement, to carry forward from Cochabamba to Cancun. It is now being ignored by the majority of the countries of the world, whose negotiators are involved in self-serving acts of tunnel vision at COP 16.
Peoples Agreement, from the Conference on Climate Change and the Rights of Mother Earth

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