Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A tribute to Native youth walkers LW2 northern route

Censored News
By Brenda Norrell

It has been wonderful to hear from some of the youth walkers from the Longest Walk Northern Route who are considering going on the Longest Walk III Northern Route for Diabetes. There was a group of young Native Americans, ages 17 to 27, that walked across America, with prayer in their hearts. They joined others, some younger and some older, some were Japanese and some were Maori from New Zealand. Together they walked across America for Mother Earth in 2008. Here's a few photos from the road.

Photo 1: Long Walkers Daniel, Miwok, and Kenzie, 17, Navajo, in Denver. Thank you to the Miwok youths for your traditional songs. Photo: 2: Carl "Bad Bear," Paiute-Western Shoshone from Nev., protesting Newmont Gold mining in Denver. Photo 4: In memory of Navajo Ute Willie Lonewolf (center), at Lake Tahoe, Nev. A special thank you to Calvin, on Willie's right, for his Cheyenne-Arapaho songs, and Stella on Willie's left. Also to Marie, far right, for cooking, driving and walking. Photo 5: Harry and Craig, Navajo from Utah and Sanders, Ariz., who made it all the way across America, taking a well deserved rest at that great state park in Penn. Thanks to Bad Bear, Harry, Craig and the others for those 50 and 100-mile run days. Photo 6: Govinda, of Earthcycles Longest Walk Talk Radio, with the gang -- Miguel, Yaqui, Denise, Menominee, and Lisa, Anishinabe -- at the polluted West Virginia border. Lisa, on the far right, was one of the walkers who made it all the way across America. Photo 2 by Brita Brookes. Photos 1, 3, 4, 5 and 6 by Brenda Norrell.

Honoring the Long Walkers up Monarch Pass in Colorado, and through Ohio, photos by Joreal Elliott and Brita Brookes:
You gotta love these youths, walking thousands of miles across America for Mother Earth, endure all the difficulties, then get up and get ready to do it again!

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lilmoon2 said...

they are the real warriers the ones who kept getting up every day with or without blisters in the snow rain wind and everything in between hope they are all doing good . they will always be in my prayers and in my heart.i hope they are the leaders weve been waiting for. MITAKUYE OYSEN Sa Gay Luta Wi (marie)