Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Photos: Akwesasne Police Assault Victim

Akwesasne police followed a young man who had been out hunting, then smashed his car window, maced and beat the victim, during this assault.
Censored News
Article by N. Thompson and Leadhorse Choctaw
Published with permission
Eyewitness accounts:
The young man was going home and it was just before dark Monday evening, he was hunting with a friend and the tribal police followed him. Then the border patrol was there and working with the tribal police!
The young man was maced and pulled out of his van window on the driver side. When we arrived the young man was bloody and handcuffed with a red face from the mace and he could not see and was in a lot of pain when the ambulance arrived.
Second eyewitness: Tribal police busted the window, maced him and he said the beat him. When we were there one of the cops wanted to mace him again.
We told them they are following white laws and we are standing on our own land. They just didn't understand how wrong it is. He even told them to call their chief to get out there and their supervisor, but they didn't call them, wrong wrong, wrong in so many ways.
AKWESASNE: This assault took place on the so-called US side of the territory not to far from the so-called Canadian side. TO US ITS ALL KANIENKAHAKA TERRITORY! The non-native people would say off of route 37, which is the main road through the the Territory on Cook Road. At about 7 pm on September 13, 2010, the victim of the police assault was released on $1000 bail, 8 hours later.

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