Friday, July 16, 2010

Rapid City Journal covers Urban Warrior Society street patrol

Native group brings extra eyes to city streets
By Andrea J. Cook
Rapid City Journal

"Our goal is to be present and be seen. We want people to get used to us," Swan said.
Rapid City Police Chief Steve Allender supports Swan's plan to organize two-person teams of volunteers willing to take the time to walk through the park or attend Native and non-Native community events.

2 comments: said...

It is a super idea for those guys to start something like this. Not all natives are abusers of alcohol or homeless and living in the parks. However it is still quite obvious that some of the people of Rapid City are so judgemental and racist. It is hard for a Native family to find a residence because it feels like when the landlord takes a look at the people they make up their mind before giving the family a chance. Maybe when people see what good things can come of what these people will do and then Rapid City will begin to try and accept the fact that Native people are no different than many other nationalities who are out there simply trying to make it in this ever changing world.

Tim Lammers said...

The people of this town are caught in a time warp. Both sides! Why would Natives want to be like the squatters of this town? because they dont know who they are, or were. The natives here are victims plain and simple! Without the natives in this town to attack, this town would end up in civil war. The cops would resort to arresting their own people and the people would not put up with it. so lets patrol the creek and help our people from the attacker.