Monday, July 5, 2010

Police Provocateurs: Shoe Soles Told the Story

Police Provocateurs: The so-called anarchist and the police are wearing the same shoes, as exposed by the shoe soles, in this photo of a protest in Montebello, Quebec, in 2007. Police provocateurs are used to encourage, and provoke violence, with the goal of mass arrests.

Read today's article by Mohawk photographer Ben Powless on his illegal detention during the mass arrests at G20 in Toronto, a week ago. Powless' photos of the Indigenous Day of Action and G20 protests, along with his photos of the Bolivia Climate Summit, also appear on Censored News.
During the G20 arrests, journalists were beaten by police, including a correspondent for the London Guardian.
Read Ben Powless' article on his imprisonment after the mass G20 arrests:
Double click on photo to enlarge.

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