Monday, June 16, 2008

Thank you from the Longest Walk Northern Route

June 16, 2008

Good morning from the Longest Walk Northern Route,

The Longest Walk Northern Route of the Longest Walk 2 is deeply grateful for each of the emergency cash donations for gas and food, so the walkers could move camp from Cambridge, Ohio, to Raccoon Creek State Park, Penn:
Carina Gustaffasson of Swedan; police officer in Cambridge, Ohio; Matt Cordes; cash contribution for children on the Longest Walk; Sam Tullio and Darlene on behalf of the Red Hawk Society in Pennsylvania; Wilfred Hill of Oregon; Sophie Addison of Utah; Lukas Angus of Oregon; Community Futures Collective and Sheri Flying Hawke; motorcyclists on Hwy 60 south to Pittsburgh; Kerry Davis, Matt Besenger and Todd Clifton.

If you gave a cash donation for the northern route in the past 10 days and do not see your name, please contact: Sharon Heta (Maori), accountant for the Longest Walk Northern Route, cell: 650-417-4389.

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