Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Sovereignty Declaration of the One Nation in Greenbelt MD

Invitation to attend the collective signing ceremony of the Sovereignty Declaration of The One Nation to be held Greenbelt, MD on July 8-9, 2008
The signing ceremony for the Declaration is to take place on July 8-9, 2008, at Greenbelt Park (campground) (301-344-3944) (174 campsites available), Maryland, 12 miles North of Washington, D.C., 2 days prior to the conclusion of The Longest Walk, when many Elders and Nations from around the world will be present.
Purpose: To provide for the unification, protection and self-determination of all Indigenous Sovereign Nations under international law, to shelter all traditional indigenous human beings, to enable us to maintain our duty as stewards of the land and all its natural resources for the benefit of all generations yet to come and to educate all humans in our traditional ways.
Contact Information:
nottawayratt@hotmail.com (Elder, Algonquin)
gmetallic@hotmail.com (Hereditary Chief, Mi’kmaq)
tonyplaw@optonline.net (Attorney, Mohawk)
nazlabo1@bigpond.net.au (Ivan Mabbett, Maori Nation & Australia/New Zealand Nations)

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