Monday, June 9, 2008

Photo: Long Walker handcuffed in Ohio

Photo: Luv the Mezenger taken into custody by Columbus, Ohio, police. Police attacked the Longest Walk Northern Route, as walkers walked the prayer near downtown Columbus. Police pointed a taser between the eyes of Michael Lane, Menominee, who arrived with his Maori wife and children from New Zealand. Longest Walk children were terrorized by Columbus police who threatened that the children would be taken into custody by social services. Luv was thrown to the ground handcuffed and taken into custody as Luv tried to distract police from tasering Michael. Luv was issued a summons, placed in the paddy wagon and then released. Luv and Long Walker Marie Littlemoon sustained minor injuries, cuts and brusies, from the police. Ohio police claimed that the walkers were a protest and denied it was a prayer walk. Photo Long Walker Marie Littlemoon. (Please double click photo to enlarge)

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Anonymous said...

Why doesn't anyone protest THAT?! What was the reason for arresting these people? What's really sad is that America is supposed to be the land of the free, but for whom? I get so frustrated knowing that there are still "savages" out there, but it's not the Natives of this country!!