Sunday, June 8, 2008

Ohio Police terrorized Longest Walk women and children

Ohio Police terrorized Longest Walk women and children
By Brenda Norrell
Photo: Longest Walk children terrified by Columbus, Ohio police. Photo Marie Littlemoon
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CAMBRIDGE, Ohio -- Seated at the Longest Walk Northern Route camp in the woods, Marie Littlemoon, Mescalero Apache cook and walker, remembers how Columbus, Ohio police grabbed her, bruising her right arm, and terrified the preschoolers in the car, as the walkers walked the prayer near downtown Columbus.
Marie Littlemoon, 60-year-old grandmother, said she was shocked by the brutality of the officers and the way they terrified the children.
"I saw what I thought was a gun pointed at Michael Lane, which was a taser. The taser was only two to three feet from his face, pointed directly between his eyes.
"Immediately to the right, I saw four officers wrestle and throw Luv the Mezenger to the ground. The officers stepped on Luv's neck.
"I immediately got out of the car and began filming. When I tried to ask the officer to let my car with the children go, I was grabbed and spun around. So I kept videotaping the police officer verbally attacking Michael Lane.
"Michael remained very calm and explained we were a peaceful prayer walk. The children's mother tried to reach her children in the car. The police officers would not let her. So I stepped forward while she ran around the other side to get in. I was grabbed again and spun around again.
"At that point, the police were taking Luv to the paddy wagon. I started following and taking pictures, to make sure Luv did not get abused again.
"When I stepped off the sidewalk, they grabbed me again and yanked me back, which bruised my arm. I have a photo of that. The police finally agreed to meet us at the park. We encountered between 15 and 20 officers, waiting to form a blockade of the walk. Finally, the phone calls came in from the lieutenant and the walkers continued walking through Columbus."
As police attacked the walkers, police claimed the prayer walk was a protest and not permitted.
Michael Lane explained that the walkers had come more than 2,500 miles from California and had never been abused by anyone.

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