Sunday, June 15, 2008

Listen, Columbus Ohio mayor's office expresses regret over police attack

The latest from Longest Walk Talk Radio

By Brenda Norrell

Listen to new interviews and Native songs on, Longest Walk Talk Radio. Columbus Ohio mayor's office expresses deep regret over police attack on Longest Walk; Peace and Dignity runners are on their way to meet the Longest Walk; Mike Wilson, Tohono O'odham, speaks on people dying on Tohono O'odham land for "want of a drink of water," and Long Walker youths, Danny, Washo, and Craig, Navajo, share songs.
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one hour 3 min Change the Name of Columbus ,Ohio
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one hour 5 min Traditional Knowledge What is Lost
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Peace and Dignity Runners meet Longest Walkers
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Mike Wilson, Border Wars, Humanitarian Aid, Human Rights
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