Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Rapporteur's schedule to document racism in US

XENOPHOBIA IN US: Special Rapporteur Schedule

Special Rapporteur Doudou DiƩne to document US racism of Indigenous Peoples, ethnnic populations, migrants and women

(Sunday 18-20, Washington DC)
Wednesday May 21-22, New York, NY
--Urban Justice Center Ejim Dike
--International Asso. Against Torture Roger Wareham
Friday May 23-24, Chicago, IL
--People's Programme, Edward Palmer
--Coalition to Protect Public Housing J.R. Flemming
Sunday May 25-26 Omaha, NE
--Peoples' Programme, David Campt
Tuesday May 27-29 Los Angeles, CA
--ACLU of SoCal, Catherine Lhamon
--CADRE Director, Maisie Chin
Friday May 30-31 New Orleans, LA
--NAACP Legal Defense Fund, Damon Hewitt
--US Human Rights Network, Tonya Williams
Sunday June 1-2, Miami, FL
--ACLU of Florida, Muslima Lewis
Tuesday June 3-4 San Juan, PR
ACLU of Puerto Rico, William Ramirez
--Thursday June 5-6 Washington, DC
More information:

The Rapporteur would like to meet with American Indians while in Miama. To host the Rapporteur please contact immediately:
Alberto Saldamando ( at the International Indian Treaty Council

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