Thursday, May 8, 2008

Halt toxic waste dumping on O'odham ceremonial grounds

Greetings Friends and Supporters,

We are asking for your help in the continued effort to stop the toxic waste dump on O'odham ceremonial grounds.This petition will be included in the original statement from the Traditional O'odham Elders to be re-submitted to Mexico's and United States government agencies, to request for an Official statement not to pursue this project.The company CEGIR is presently waiting for a change in the local government to push this project for an approved land permit to dump 45,000 tons of toxic waste a year.We are protecting the O'odham, the O'odham way of life which includes the entire environment, land, air, water and all life.Thank you again for your support. Protect Sacred Sites: Stop Toxic Dumping on O’odham Lands
Ofelia Rivas Merino
O'odham VOICE Against the WALL
O'odham Rights Cultural and Environmental Justice Coalition
'Our sacred lands is O'odham'

Special thanks to Ofelia for sending this in for publication on the Censored Blog.

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