Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Brita Brookes photos, Longest Walk Ohio

Special thanks to Brita Brookes for sharing the memories and photos from the Longest Walk in Ohio

Longest Walk Ohio 5-27-08
By Brita Brookes

Aanii- The Longest Walk Northern Route started dry but ended rainy and wind swept. Longest Walkers met in the morning at the Energy Conservation Center and started walking east on 40 from Englewood to just outside Dayton.
Some of the interesting sights and themes that came out of today's photos were the dependence on oil and gas fueled vehicles.
The Energy Center has a whole museum dedicated to education on alternative energy issues -- and they even have a hydrogen tank set up.
As we moved east we kept passing scrap yards with 100's of dead cars, and abandoned gas stations in the smaller towns.
The wind made its presence known perhaps to say, "hey I'm am here, why wont you let me help you!!" As the rain got heavier the walkers got more determined- just a little water thats all!
Today we had the Oglala Longest walk security team man the walk and provide our own ''secret service''...wopila to you for keeping us safe today!The walk ended near the Englewood Metro Park where there is a large dam, Englewood dam.

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