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AWAKE: Water Protectors on Frontline Awaken the World: Nine Images

AWAKE: Water Protectors on Frontline Awaken the World: Nine Images
AWAKE premiered at Tribeca Film Festival on Saturday night. Here are nine images from the film, captured in screenshots by Censored News:
Militarized police take aim, terrorize youth praying. blast unarmed water protectors with tear gas, beat them and arrest a Lakota grandmother in prayer, at Standing Rock.
Ultimately, water protectors win the spiritual victory.
Morton County Sheriff Kyle Kirchmeier, the Army National Guard, North Dakota Highway Patrol, and police from Indiana, Ohio, Wisconsin and elsewhere, carried out this egregious violation of human rights to clear the way for a privately owned oil company, Dakota Access pipeline.

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Live 'Awake' Premier at Tribeca with Prolific the Rapper

Live 'Awake' Premier at Tribeca with Prolific the Rapper

Watch Awake film trailer at Hollywood Reporter

Mohawk Nation News 'All-For-A-Buck Confederacy'


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MNN. April 21, 2017. Six Nations is the model for privatization of all our land. Duncan Campbell Scott is singing in his grave. 
Everyone knows that both HDI and the Six Nations band council are private registered corporations. The Men’s Fire are suing HDI in Hamilton Court. This rotino’shonni issue does not belong in the Admiralty court.
Haudenosaunee Confederacy Chiefs Council (HCCC) is a registered numbered corporation? Legal advisor Aaron Detlor put in trust 50 chiefs’ titles representing the clans. They are in someone’s name and not transferable. HDI has never produced a copy of the shareholder agreement and all of the minutes of their meetings. 

By design almost half of the chiefs are either deceased or the titles are empty. The sitting chiefs said they did not know they were named as shareholders.

The Board of Directors are President Brian Doolittle, Secretary Aaron Detlor and Administration CEO and Director Hazel E. Hill. 
On October 20, 2014, for $1, Hazel Hill declared she holds the 50 shares of the capital of 2438543 Ontario Inc.
Another corporation, OGWAWISTA INC. SC file No 1-58391, has the same board of directors.

If the court allows the motion, $55 million will be frozen until a new trust fund is set up, probably by the same shysters.

Lynda Powless, a media advisor, said the corporation had bought the shares of Veresen Grand Valley Wind Farm and is planning to buy our stolen land back to return to us!!
Ogwa whista de dwa snye corporation oversees HCCC revenues and distribution, all run by Detlor.

They want us to buy back our stolen property from the thieves that stole our land, shake their hand and smile for the photos that will be on youtube and the internet.

These chiefs and their cohorts are te-ho-na-ton-koh-ton, those who immerse themselves so that the foreign evil has completely seeped into their being. The Soggy Bottom Boys sing about the chiefs’ constant sorrow since they found out about the corporate fraud their names are associated with: “I’m a man of constant sorrow. I’ve known trouble all my days. I’ll say goodbye and leave tomorrow and I won’t be back this way. Misery is nothing new to me. Memories will fade in time. Another day some new tomorrow, just might ease my troubled mind”.

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Standing Rock 'RISE' Best Feature Award Green Film Fest San Francisco


Congratulations to Viceland's 'Rise' and to the water protectors for awakening the world -- Censored News

Green Film Fest San Francisco

2017 Best Feature Award: At the heart of this passionate docuseries is injustice; the rights of a dispossessed, persecuted race abused by state and corporations in avaricious pursuit of natural resources. Resistance by the Sioux at Standing Rock to running the Dakota Access Pipeline through ancestral lands creates a movement, a pan-tribal protest. Their 2016 non-violent demonstration swells from hundreds to thousands with all first nation tribes represented defending their sovereign rights. Hope is embodied in a cross-generation alliance of women. Ladonna Brave Bull Allard and Billie Jean Three Legs personify the first nation’s past, present and future. Grandmothers recall a land lost to dams; teenagers speak against escalating sexual violence against native women; young mothers defend their children’s right to clean water. Mni wiconi (water is life) - Nadia Ward

Part of RISE - a Viceland docuseries series which examines indigenous life in the modern age and gives viewers a rare glimpse into the front line of indigenous-led resistance. This program includes two episodes: Sacred Water: Standing Rock, Part I and Red Power: Standing Rock, Part II.

DISCUSSION WITH: Michelle Latimer, filmmaker; Rachel Caplan, SF Green Film Festival

Thursday, April 20, 2017

'Never Back Down' Water Protector Grandmother Theresa Black Owl Arrested Praying


Grandmother Theresa BlackOwl is a Canupa (pipe) carrier from Sicungu Rosebud, SD. She was arrested with 26 other Water Protectors during the Eagle and Condor ceremony on Indigenous People's Day in 2016. She wants her case to go to the federal level to make it clear how unjust the policing and legal forces have been in the Standing Rock protection actions. "The government does not want the world to see how they still fear us. They hauled us all off to jail for praying, just for praying mind you. And to me that is the biggest violation the United States could ever do to a Native American and to any person who is praying."

Grandmother Theresa Black Owl -- The U.S. government is afraid of us and does not want the world to know they fear us

"The government does not want the world to see how they still fear us. Hold your ground. This fight is not over with. We did wake up the world." -- Grandmother Theresa Black Owl

Article by Brenda Norrell
Censored News

Grandmother Theresa Black Owl, appearing in court on charges after being arrested while praying, says Standing Rock water protectors have woken up the world, in a time of climate change and genetically modified foods.
Grandmother Black Owl describes how the U.S. government fears the people, just as they did when Lakota ceremonies were forbidden.
She describes how she was charged with inciting a riot and trespassing on Treaty land for praying in a teepee for the water and children in October at Standing Rock.
This is the worst violation the U.S. government could carry out, arresting a person in prayer, she said.
"This is stolen land, this is stolen land that everyone is living on."
"My prayer that day was for the water and for the children."

"It is so hard to look into the future, because of the kids."
She shares her concerns for the climate, the future for the children, and the poisoning of the people with genetically modified foods.
"We live by spiritual law."
Grandmother Black Owl shares the need for people to connect with the land.
"Whenever we feel something, that is what we go with."
Becoming one with your mind and your heart, one can reconnect with the earth.
Regardless of what they say, the U.S. government still fears us, she said.
"The government does not want the world to see how they still fear us."
"Hold your ground. This fight is not over with. We did wake up the world."
She feels water protectors who were arrested should not enter into plea agreements. The purpose in being here was to take a stand for the water. As for the fight with the government, she said, "Never back down."
Grandmother Black Owl said because of Standing Rock, wherever pipelines are coming up, you will see the people standing up.
"For that I am really grateful."
After Censored News posted this powerful interview, Grandmother Theresa Black Owl once again urged water protectors to never give up.
Grandma Black Owl writes, "This was right after I went to court on the 29 of March. But you know also when those charges were dropped, Inciting A Riot and Trespassing, then they decided to try a New Charge, Physical Obstruction of A Government Function! So I Think it all Scare Tactics. Water Protectors Never Give Up !! Resist !!!Unite!!Rise Up. !!!!!!"

Below: Video interview with Grandmother Black Owl in camp on Oct. 9, 2017

Long Walk 5 Oceti Sakowin -- Swimming the River, Praying for the Water by Bad Bear

Photos by Western Shoshone Long Walker Carl Bad Bear Sampson.
Oceti Sakowin Wednesday, April 19, 2017

We are still here. We are everywhere.

Long walker Western Shoshone Bad Bear shares the journey of Long Walkers at Oceti Sakowin today.
“As a group today, me, Scott, Jessica and Roy went in the water to pray.
Me and Roy went all the way to Rosebud side. I carried a smudge stick.
Swimming across for the water
In prayer for the water and the people that were there
Feeling of sadness and at the
Same time happy, honored, blessed to
Take the smudge stick across to the other side, still lit as Bobby Wallace sang songs smudging to the Four Directions.
Than took the smudge stick with what was left still burning to where the cable is there, then swim back across.
Love hope faith and friendship WATER IS LIFE !

                                                                  Four Bands Camp along Cannonball River


. video

Mohawk Nation News 'Tables Turned'


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MNN. April 20, 2017. Recently found is a Heiltsuk people’s settlement on the BC coastline on Troquet Island. They sheltered this village during the last Ice Age 14,000 to 15,000 year ago. Remains of charcoal, tools, fish hooks, spears to hunt marine mammals and a hand drill for lighting fires were found. It is the oldest human settlement in the world, twice older than the invention of the wheel, three times older than the Pyramids of Giza and thousands of years before all of the ice age megafauna went extinct. 
Land claims negotiations tables are turned completely around. Our table is round. The circle is the greatest fear of the pyramid matrix that runs everything now on this planet. 
We ask the corporation that comes begging, “Did you say you want our land, resources, water, air?” All of this belongs to the unborn generations. 
The immigrant corporations of Canada, US, Mexico, Central America and South America will soon dissolve. American “exceptionalism” is the US corporation’s fraudulently proclaimed superiority to threaten everybody in the world with bombs, death and extinguishment of all life. 
“Gunboat diplomacy” started with the Monroe Doctrine of 1823 to claim all of the Western Hemisphere and to beat everyone into subservience. Economic and military power enforced the Monroe Doctrine. It is the basis of US foreign policy to this day.
This theft and destruction of the world is launched from great turtle island with weapons made from resources stolen from us. American exceptionals are now murdering people and destroying their civilizations the world over. 
The Monroe Doctrine continues to oppress through trade blocks, economic billy clubs and war. The world is uniting to stop these monsters. 
The band “Pain” have a few ideas about turning the tables: “I’m not here so you can knock me down, again. Things have changed and I don’t want you on my mind. Don’t wanna hear what you got to say. Your little world is not for me. And don’t believe everything you see. It’s not really what it appears to be. How can I get the message through to you? You try to break me down, I wanna clear my mind. I know now is my time. You’re drawn to suffering. I won’t give anything. I’ve got nothing to hide. I’ve been waiting for this moment. Your lies that I can see t right through. Things have moved around. You can’t hold me down. The tables have turned.” 
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SYRIA ESCALATION Escalation in Syria 


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