Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Bucky Harjo's Photos -- Standing Strong Horse Nation

Dec. 5, 2016 in a blizzard, we the next 7 generation to come, someone will dream this dream and see and hear this moment, it's our prayer. -- Bucky Harjo

We stood in a blizzard, not giving up, to show the world we will go to any length to show the truth, and our strength in prayer, to protect MNI WICONI, Water is Life! -- Bucky Harjo
Bucky Harjo
Cannonball River

Oceti Sakowin -- Stand Strong and Resonate Across the World -- Dec. 7, 2016

Josue Rivas Photo
By Oceti Sakowin Camp
Censored News

Standing Rock Reservation, Oceti Sakowin Camp. North Dakota—Our first concern issafety. We ask all who can and want to leave, to return home. We are especially concerned for elders, families with children, those with health concerns, and/or pets that aren't acclimated. For those who can stay—and are prepared for arctic conditions—please do, we need people here. The Lakota/Nakota/Dakota people of The Great Sioux Nation have survived in these conditions for thousands of years. If Ally Protectors cooperate with the ancient wisdom and ways of these lands, we will fare well. This movement is unlike any other—it is prayerful as well as peaceful—the consciousness we have raised here continues to resonate across the world.
Secondly we ask this of you in order to conserve resources. Bringing in wood, and other essential life supporting goods, is now much more complicated. For those who want to come, be prepared for arctic conditions, we can't stress this enough. Be ready to contribute to the survival and safety of the camp in a significant way daily, be abundant in spirit and ready to share. Bring wood, plan to work. We need cooks, medics, builders/repair-persons, people dedicated to the survival of the community, for the coming storms. Bring weather-ready vehicles, 4x4 trucks and trailers, snow-ready vehicles.
Oceti Sakowin Camp remains determined—to protect our land. We have been given the obligation to do so in the treaty of 1851—we were specifically asked to protect this river. This is the way of the Standing Rock people, the Lakota people, the Hunkpapa people. All of the seven tribes of The Great Sioux Nation have gathered here again in an historic way—once as former enemies, we now stand together as brothers and sisters.
We are not protestors.
We are not terrorists.
We are not rioters.
We are in fact, Protectors.
For more information please visit

Standing Rock -- Chief Arvol Looking Horse 'Keep the Prayer Going'

Dine' Warriors for Standing Rock Head Home Wednesday

Dine' Warriors on the Road Home on Wednesday

Navajos and other Veterans prepare to march to bridge on Monday, Dec. 5, 2016
Gyms and the Pavilion at the casino opened their doors to water protectors and Veterans during the blizzard this week.
Photo by Michelle Cook, Dine'

By Chili Yazzie
Censored News

Dec 7 evening – Dine’ Warriors for Standing Rock Update: our Warriors are headed to North Platte, Nebraska and scheduled to roll through Denver about 1-2:00 am tonight, onto Colorado Springs where they will get rest. Unfortunately they will not be able to do dinner at the Denver Indian Center, thank you Susie, Davina, Felicia, and the Denver Native American community for wanting to make that happen. The plan is to leave Colorado Springs tomorrow morning and come home either through Wolf Creek Pass or the Dulce route, either look ok. We are truly hoping they will get back to Shiprock by 5:00 pm. We plan to do a Welcome Home gathering for them with a delicious potluck dinner, so bring a dish. Headcount is 42 total and 3 of our Warriors stayed at Oceti Sakowin. We invite everyone to join us welcome home our Warriors.

Update by Chili Yazzie
Censored News
Dec 7 afternoon 
Dine’ Warriors for Standing Rock Update: our Dine’ Warriors are still in Pierre, South Dakota, with the drivers getting their mandatory 8 hour rest. They should be on the road to Denver this afternoon about 3-4:00 pm/ They will get into Denver late, so they will continue on to Colorado Springs where we will motel them. They will leave Colorado Springs early tomorrow, they plan to go thru Chama and Dulce (anyone know road conditions that way?) rather than go over Wolf Creek. We project they will be in Shiprock tomorrow around 5:00 pm and not Friday like I said this morning. I have reserved the chapter house for a Welcome Home Gathering for them, we ask all who can help with prepared foods to please help, Rez potluck. I will post a more precise time in my morning post tomorrow. Again we encourage families of Warriors to come to Shiprock and help us do the welcome and to pick up your Warrior.


By Chili Yazzie
Censored News
Dec. 6 pm update

Dine’ Warriors for Standing Rock Update: very difficult to get communication in and out of Oceti Sakowin. Communication difficulty due to terrain, weather, maybe network overloads and for sure the government/corporation’s deliberate jamming of the air waves.
With the last communiques I got from Beverly and Vincent Yazzie, they are making effort to regroup to move out tomorrow, our crew had gotten scattered out, some are camping at the casino, some are back in Kenel and a few in Ft. Yates, I hope everyone is accounted for. Kenel is the staging area for Rez bound transportation and Beverly’s got it arranged for everyone to get back to Kenel in the morning. The plan is for our Dine’ Warriors to move out in the morning, of course weather and the road conditions permitting.
If that plans stays, they will be in Denver tomorrow evening chowing down at the Denver Indian Center. A big ahe’hee (thank you) to our Denver family. They will stay in Denver tomorrow evening and head out for the Rez-Shiprock early Thursday morning. We will have a potluck Welcome Home celebration Thursday afternoon about 4-5:00. We will post the specifics as soon as plans are solid. Perhaps families of Warriors can plan to come to Shiprock to pick up your Warriors and celebrate with us. Again, this all depends on the weather and the roads.
With regard to the seeming conflicting positions of breaking camp and going home or staying and keeping camp by some of the fearless Lakota Warriors, seems to point to the same distrust some of us Indigenous peeps have of Tribal elected leaders in the colonized system. We pray that for the sake of our ultimate cause, that the Solidarity that has been achieved is only built on to make it stronger. And with the pipeline executives saying they will proceed with the pipeline in spite of what the Army Corps says, hopefully might lead to a scene where DAPL forces face off with the Army Corps, who supposedly have issued a 'lawful' decision and we’ll see what the sheriff does with his declaration that he is there to enforce the law. Sounds like a good fight we will enjoy watching.

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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Anonymous Gives Officers 48 Hours to Turn Themselves In -- Operation Morton Engaged

Anonymous gives officers 48 hours to turn themselves in.
These two officers wearing masks have been identified terrifying water protectors at a hotel parking lot.
Morton County was also told to arrest the officers who brutalized water protectors and shot concussion grenades, in three days, causing serious injury, or they will be exposed.
Operation Morton Engaged


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